9th April 2015

Incredible Iceland


A must for any landscape photographer is a visit to Iceland. With its spectacular scenery not to mention the friendly people and quite excellent food this was a trip I was really looking forward to.

Personally I wanted to capture shots of the night sky with the Aurora on show, some of the many spectacular waterfalls and the magnificent mountains and volcanos that Iceland is famous for. Alas the weather didnt play nice, we didnt get a clear night sky at any time during our trip and snowstorms and high winds meant that access into the mountains was impossible.

Our little group (there were four of us) had to be content with heading south from Rekjavik and exploring this part of the island. We still managed to capture some great images some of which you can see below. There will definately be a second trip to Iceland for me as there is so much to see and photograph there. Someone described this country as 'Scotland on steroids' and that really does sum it up perfectly!


IMG 0018colour-editIMG 0065 dodgeIMG 0063IMG 0143 2