4th March 2016

Stargazing and new camera


Having treated myself to a new camera (5d mklll) I decided to test it on its first outing by having another go at shooting the Milky Way. I had dabbled in astro photography last year but with little success, I did feel better prepared this time around as hopefully I would have learned from my earlier attempts and of course having a better sensor in the new camera would help also. I needed to head out of the city away from the lights to have any chance at capturing any worthwhile images of the Milky Way so I headed for Loch Lomond and Millarochy Bay, a favourite location for Landscape Photographers.

The weather forcast was for clear skies, but when I arrived there was still a lot of cloud cover which obscured most of the stars. I set up anyway and began shooting the famous little tree that lives there from several angles hoping that eventually the cloud would clear and I would get the shot I was after. bY 10.30pm I was just about to give up on the skies clearing but decided to stick it out for another hour just in case. I'm so glad I decided to stay a bit longer as the clouds all but disappeared and the Milky way and the many stars were visible at last.

The first image was taken before the clouds had cleared, the orange glow on the clouds is light pollution from streetlights in the nearby town reflecting back off them, the second image (the one I had hoped for) shows the wee tree with the Milky Way in all its glory, job done!

 09A0063edit crop altMillarochy skies alt