How Remiss of me

22nd February 2018


Unbelievably its been almost two years since I posted anything on this blog regarding what I was up to and what has been happening with my photography. How very remiss of me, I will now try to get back to some regular updates, I promise.

Since my last Blog I have gained the Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society {LRPS) and have spent the last fourteen months entering international salons with the hope of gaining the distinction of Artist Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (AFIAP) at present I am waiting to find out if my AFIAP attempt has been successful.

What I have I been photographing? As usual some portraiture, landscapes sport and recently I have been enjoying a bit more wildlife photography, this I have found requires patience, planning and a fair slice of luck. My cameras have been fortunate enought to photograph everythin from Red Squirrels to Polar Bears and Pine Martens to fishing Ospreys. I have also recently been favouring monochrome (black and white) images, I love black and white images and find myself looking for images that would work better as monochrome. You can view some of my monochrome work here.

Here are some shots of various subjects taken since my last blog entry, I promise it wont be so long until my next one...


 Approaching the BendMoody Brume - Loch Ard 09A9084altSquirrel in winter coat 09A2173editEnchantress



4th March 2016

Stargazing and new camera


Having treated myself to a new camera (5d mklll) I decided to test it on its first outing by having another go at shooting the Milky Way. I had dabbled in astro photography last year but with little success, I did feel better prepared this time around as hopefully I would have learned from my earlier attempts and of course having a better sensor in the new camera would help also. I needed to head out of the city away from the lights to have any chance at capturing any worthwhile images of the Milky Way so I headed for Loch Lomond and Millarochy Bay, a favourite location for Landscape Photographers.

The weather forcast was for clear skies, but when I arrived there was still a lot of cloud cover which obscured most of the stars. I set up anyway and began shooting the famous little tree that lives there from several angles hoping that eventually the cloud would clear and I would get the shot I was after. bY 10.30pm I was just about to give up on the skies clearing but decided to stick it out for another hour just in case. I'm so glad I decided to stay a bit longer as the clouds all but disappeared and the Milky way and the many stars were visible at last.

The first image was taken before the clouds had cleared, the orange glow on the clouds is light pollution from streetlights in the nearby town reflecting back off them, the second image (the one I had hoped for) shows the wee tree with the Milky Way in all its glory, job done!

 09A0063edit crop altMillarochy skies alt



19th July 2015

World of Wings


If you have never visited World of Wings in Cumbernauld just outside Glasgow then you are missing out on a fantastic day out. This was my first visit but it definately wont be my last. Along with a few other photographers I spent a very enjoyable morning photographing some of the amazing birds that are there. Let me say though that you dont need to be a photographer to enjoy a visit or appreciate the wonderful variety of birds on display. its an enjoyable family trip and the hot chocolate in the cafe is spectacular!!!

Heres a wee taster of the birds on display at the centre...


IMG 9860IMG 0315editIMG 0227extraIMG 0008



9th April 2015

Incredible Iceland


A must for any landscape photographer is a visit to Iceland. With its spectacular scenery not to mention the friendly people and quite excellent food this was a trip I was really looking forward to.

Personally I wanted to capture shots of the night sky with the Aurora on show, some of the many spectacular waterfalls and the magnificent mountains and volcanos that Iceland is famous for. Alas the weather didnt play nice, we didnt get a clear night sky at any time during our trip and snowstorms and high winds meant that access into the mountains was impossible.

Our little group (there were four of us) had to be content with heading south from Rekjavik and exploring this part of the island. We still managed to capture some great images some of which you can see below. There will definately be a second trip to Iceland for me as there is so much to see and photograph there. Someone described this country as 'Scotland on steroids' and that really does sum it up perfectly!


IMG 0018colour-editIMG 0065 dodgeIMG 0063IMG 0143 2



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