3rd February 2013

Camilla Rose-Helley shoot


I Was back visiting Pavillion Studios today to shoot at a model day. Today I got the chance to photograph the delightful Camilla Rose-Helley. Camilla is a fantastic model, she is very professional, helpful and pleasant and made it very, very easy for me to get some great images. The difference a professional model makes when shooting was made all to obvious today, I learned a lot during this shoot and I am pleased to have had the chance to photograph not only a fine model but a genuiely nice person. I would recommend Camilla to anyone should they get the chance to work with her.


Camilla monoCamillaCamilla 12mono

25th November 2012

Cole Returns (with Martin)


Almost exactly a year ago I had the pleasure of photographing little Cole MCormack when his family brought him along to the Studio for some pictures. Today was take two as Cole once again visited, this time Cole's big cousin Martin also came along for his first visit to a studio. It was another fun day and it has to be said that Cole, was full of beans and was interested in everything else in the studio except the camera! When he did sit still long enough we got some super images, a couple of them can be seen below...


Martin and ColeMobile cole



23rd November 2012

Taylor Douglas... remember the name!


I was back in the studio today when Taylor Douglas came along with her mum, to get some photographs taken to use as a portfolio to help Taylor achieve her ambition to become a model. I was very impressed with Taylors confidence and at how at ease she was in front of the camera, she also had a very professional attitude for someone so young. Thousands of young girls dream of becoming a model so Taylor will have loads of competition, but if her first ever photoshoot is anything to go by then she has a great chance of achieving her dreams. I will be watching to see if Taylor Douglas is a future star.

Here are a couple of images from Taylors shoot...


Taylor 33Taylor 62Taylor 68



20th October 2012

Bamburgh revisited


Since visiting Northumberland with my friend and fellow photographer Alan Cameron last October, I have been longing to return to capture some more of the stunning images that this wonderful part of Britain has to offer. Bamburgh was my destination, although on the way down I visited the Holy Island which is a truly magical place for photographers, I spent three hours (seemed like twenty minutes) capturing images from the harbour at Lindesfarne with its boathouses and old wrecks, as well as the many shots to be had around the imposing Castle. Sadly, although I really wanted to stay longer I had to leave to get back across the causeway to the mainland before the tide cut me off.

And so to Bamburgh... a dull and cloudy evening meant it looked like my chances of something magical at sunset were slim, the sun did afford me some soft evening light for around fifteen minutes before dissapearing for the night, so I took the chance to shoot the imposing castle from the surrounding dunes with the Marram grasses looking splendid in the golden light.

Next morning I was up at 6am for the real reason I have so wanted to return to Bamburgh, the sunrise. At this time of year the sun rises between the castle and the Farne Islands and after the light show Alan and I saw last year I was hoping for some more magic. When I arrived at the beach it was still very dark, the castle was covered in a light sea mist, the sky was black and it was even threatening to rain. I prayed for the conditions to change, and waited around on the beach in the hope that everything would come together. My prayers were answered just before the sunrise the mist cleared, the clouds broke just enough to let the morning light sneak through and I was rewarded for my patience. I would photograph on this beach everyday given the chance as it is an outstandingly beautiful area and hopefully I can return again soon.

Below are two of my images from Bamburgh taken just before and just after sunrise on 20th October 2012, although I captured around 600 images on my trip, these two images alone made the journey (and the early rise) worth it. I have named them 'Morning Aurora' and 'God is an artist'.


Morning AuroraGod is an artist