4th November 2013

Fredau Hoekstra

Today I finally got the chance to shoot with the fantastic Fredau. Fredau Hoekstra is an internationaI professional model and I had been wanting to work with her for well over a year but for one reason or another I had missed out. This was my last chance to shoot with Fredau as later this month she is moving to Canada, and I am so pleased to have been able to meet and work with her.

Fredau's reputation goes before her and I can honestly say she is even better than I had been told, her knowledge of how to make a good picture, her elegance, and those amazing blue eyes made it so easy to capture some wonderful images. Added to this, is the fact that she is a genuinely lovely person which made this one of the most enjoyable and productive shoots I've had the pleasure of being involved in.

Here are  some of my personal favourites from today...


Fredau 1 Fredau 12Fredau 6


14th September 2013

Owl Workshop


Today I visited the Scottish Owl Centre to take part in a photographic workshop hosted by Wildlife and Nature Photographer Dean Bricknell. Deans work is superb and the chance to attend one of his workshops and pick up a few tips and pointers was very appealling. This genre of photography has so far been missing from my portfolio, but it has always been an area that has intrigued me and I am delighted to have met Dean, and to have captured some fine images at the same time.

For anyone interested in this type of photography I definately recommend Deans workshop, however if photography is not your thing then a family trip to the centre is a must. The Scottish Owl Centre is the largest collection of owls anywhere in the world and with ove 100 owls everyone will find a favourite.

Here are a few of my favourite images from today, the first two images are of a 'little owl' who stands only around eight inches tall, he was my favourite from today as he was a little star and bags of fun. The third image shows a 'long eared owl' with its lunch and the final image shows a shot I managed to grab of a Ural owl in flight.

little owl 2little owl 1long eared owlural owl


1st September 2013

Two shoots in one day!  -  Nikola Bonova & Pat Rockette


Today I was back in the studio to shoot with Nikola Bonova and the fabulous Pat Rockette, both the models were great fun to work with and both made it easy for me to capture some great images. With Nikola I tried to capture some 50's pin up style images, and with Pat, (as her name suggests), the shoot was Rock Star themed. Judge for yourself how successful the results are, I am pleased with the results and would have no hesitation recommending these two fine models to anyone.


Nikola 40 webnikola 29resize

 Pat Rockette...

pat rockette 1 webrock n roll rebel webpat rockette web


16 June 2013

British Super Bikes - Knockhill


Today I was at Knockhill along with fellow camera club members Andy Alexander and David Halliburton to photograph the British Super Bikes. Andy is very experienced at this kind of photography however for myself and David it was our first time trying to capture the super bikes and boy was it a challenge. Having seen some of Andy's excellent work from previous years photographing this event, I was keen to have a go myself, but I really wasn't prepared for just how difficult it was to properly capture a superbike in action. With their explosive accelaration and speeds of up to 200mph, not to mention the elbows and knees rubbing of the tarmac during cornering, it is a spectacle that even those (like myself) who are not bike fans should witness at least once.

I had a very enjoyable but challenging day photographing the riders and their machines being pushed to the limit, here are some of the shots I manages to get from today...


Superbikes 13webSuperbikes 46webSuperbikes 11webSuperbikes 35web